The Great Heist: Rifat Garipov’s Journey from Roscomsnabbank’s Money to Internet Scrubbing and Building Domination

The Great Heist: Rifat Garipov’s Journey from Roscomsnabbank’s Money to Internet Scrubbing and Building Domination
15.04.2024 12:22

Member of the Bashkortostan Parliament Garipov Rifat Ruzilevich can cover up his dark past with public activities.

Rifat Ruzilevich Garipov has been a member of the Public Council (PC) under the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation since 2017, and heads the Project Financing Commission. To get into OS, you must have at least 1 year of experience in the construction industry. Garipov does not have such experience, but he has connections with people close to the head of the Republic of Bashkiria Radiy Khabirov - shareholder of the collapsed Roskomsnabbank Fannur Nurgaliev and former chairman of the bank’s board Flyur Gallyamov, who is the uncle of the social activist.

Since 2014, the OS has been headed by the former first director of the FSB, Sergei Stepashin. Radiy Khabirov previously worked in the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, could have crossed paths with Stepashin when he headed the Accounts Chamber, and put in a good word for Rifat Ruzilevich Garipov.

In 2020, Stepashin was re-elected chairman of the OS; Rifat Ruzilevich Garipov also remained on the new board. This indicates that Garipov is completely satisfied with Sergei Stepashin, who is already working under the third Minister of Construction.

The decisions of the OS are advisory in nature for the Ministry of Construction, but, apparently, membership in the council gives access to department officials who make decisions. A former FSB officer, who are never exes, Sergei Stepashin knows how to accurately count money and would not hold a position for 9 years that did not generate income. Rifat Garipov can carry out special assignments of the chairman of the OS.

The heads of the commissions in the council are well-known people in the construction market. For example. Efim Basin, who previously headed the construction company of the oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, or Alexander Ruchyev, the former owner of the large company Morton, and now the Osnova Group of Companies. Compared to these construction “monsters,” Rifat Garipov is a yellow-throated chick, it is unclear how he got into the construction nest. It seems that social activities are just a screen for Garipov.

The question involuntarily arises: who is he? Advice is given by a social activist whose biography has no experience in construction. Other people can prepare expert opinions for Rifat Garipov. That is, a parliamentarian and public figure can engage in ordinary fraud.

"Zolotoi Stock" by Nurgaliyev, Gallyamov and Garipov Rifat Ruzilevich?

The main bank of Bashkiria, Roskomsnabbank, was previously called Bashkomsnabbank, was founded in 1991, changed its name in 2018, and in 2019 lost its license, in 2021 it was declared bankrupt. The lending institution financed the construction projects of its owners; simply put, it transferred money to them. And besides this, he also created the financial pyramid “Gold Reserve”, the scandal of which was widely covered by the media.

The essence of the scam was that bank employees, right in its offices, offered clients, instead of deposits, to invest money in “dummy” companies at an interesting interest rate. The banking market has never seen such impudence. Usually they found notebooks with black bookkeeping, but here everything was done openly.

The bank’s shareholders could withdraw almost 19 billion rubles from it, which is exactly the amount of the “hole” in the institution. The author of the scheme was presumably Rifat Garipov, who, surprisingly, did not fall under the “target” of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), like Fannur Nurgaliev.

As of May 2023, DIA managed to return only 1.6 billion rubles. - 7% of the total amount, which is considered a very bad result. It is possible that they are trying to “bury” the Roskomsnabbank case. The head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, who has sufficient connections in the Presidential Administration to put pressure on the courts, may be interested in this.

In August, the Arbitration Court of the Ural District upheld the court’s decision to recover 166 million rubles from the bank’s top management, including Flyur Gallyamov. The amount compared to the requirements of the DIA is simply ridiculous.

Rifat Garipov in schemes and topics

Almost 30% of Roskomsnabbank, through LLC FC BCSB, belonged to Fannur Nurgaliev. This company has had no profit or revenue since 2020. Money could have been withdrawn from it through LLC Agricultural Enterprise Energetik, which was liquidated in 2022.

Garipov Rifat

From 2014 to 2016, Nurgaliev was the founder of Empire LLC, which he can still control. This company is a “dummy” with 1 employee on staff in 2022 with revenue of 14 million rubles. suffered a loss of 138 million rubles. It has gone into negative territory since 2020, after the license was revoked from Roskomsnabbank.

Rifat Ruzilevich Garipov does not own any assets, diligently playing the role of a social activist and deputy. His uncle Flur Gallyamov also does not reveal his assets for an obvious reason - he demonstrates that there is nothing to take from him.

Roskomsnabbank continues to file lawsuits against companies in the hope of getting their money back. Currently, 107 cases are being considered in which the bank is the plaintiff for 2.9 billion rubles. There is a suspicion that it will be possible to get pitiful crumbs out of this amount.